As a dual-licensed full-service Investment and Insurance Advisor, it is my job to explain your investments and enlighten you about estate planning, tax planning and how to achieve your financial objectives so that you can make informed decisions about what matters to you the most, you and your family.

My process is simple, I give you the good, the bad, the ugly. My job is to help you make sense of it all.



What makes me unique?

  • My focus is you and your goals.  Not beating the benchmark.
  • Investments are only a small piece of the puzzle.  I provide solutions not products
  • You get more than me when you work with me.  I leverage my network of professionals to help you with life-changing decisions you may be facing (through referrals).
  • My loyalty is to you, my client, not any products.



Financial Wellness

  • Investment Planning
  • Risk assessment & needs analysis
  • Wealth management

Life Event preparation

  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Travel Insurance *

Health Support Preparation

  • Living Benefits: Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care
  • Group Health


  1. Investment Planning
  2. Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, GIC’s
  3. RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF, LRIF, TFSA,RESP, RDSP [Registered Disability Savings Plan] Group RRSP’s
  4. Trust Accounts, Corporate Accounts, Non-Profit Accounts
  5. Automatic Savings Plan
  6. Tax Planning – minimizing and estate tax planning strategies
  7. Estate Planning
  8. Insurance Planning – Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Travel, Estate Planning Insurance, Mortgage Insurance
  9. Health Benefits Packages for Business Owners


I invite you to contact me if you have more specific service-related information or require additional information for your needs. Simply complete the contact form and include your email or call 604-535-3453 so I can contact you to discuss your requirements. I’d love to hear from you!


*Travel Insurance products provided through multiple carrier

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