Jas is a wealth of knowledge and works tirelessly for her clients.  I have witnessed this firsthand and through many of my clients.  They all rave about her wisdom, effort, results, and her phenomenal team.  Jas is also the most giving of her time, energy, and support to local charities in the community. I cannot recommend her enough!


In 2012, Jas and I met at a charity fundraiser that she was instrumental in planning, organizing and hosting.   Soon after the event, I contacted Jas to become my financial planner.  At the time, I was experiencing a transitional period in my life.  I want to emphasise that Jas is compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced during her management of my financial portfolio.  Furthermore, she has been instrumental in increasing my financial portfolio, as well as increasing my sense of self-worth.  Additionally, she has been and continues to be a resource in connecting me with community professionals that assist me with other financial areas in my life.  As a mature client, Jas regularly meets with me to review any changes that may be necessary for my financial security.  I strongly recommend Jas as a trustworthy, intelligent and dedicated financial planner.



I have been working with Jas Salh as my primary investment and financial advisor since 2012 I had not relied on financial advice prior to that outside the usual small bits from a bank. But after receiving some inheritance money, I wanted to see it grow, without forfeiting too much toward taxes. I asked for suggestions from amongst my friends and colleagues and one of them, a realtor, suggested I interview Jas.

She is very upfront, straightforward and explains things to me clearly and in layman’s language. She is transparent about the fees. We have done very well with my portfolio.

With her help and advice, I was able to retire and buy a home with a small B&B on Salt Spring Island. I am now living comfortably without financial worry.

Jas is always willing to answer any of my questions and always calls back within the same day. She also responds to emails promptly.

She suggests stocks to buy/sell and the timing of same, sorts out tax advantages in consultation with my tax accountant (USA and Canada), and even helped me find a mortgage at a good rate. 

I have happily recommended her service to several of my friends also. I believe she gives excellent value for the money and that she has a strong set of principles by which she lives and conducts her business. I am extremely satisfied with her services.

She is also very attractive and dresses very well. Plus she loves theatre! And she’s a Corrie fan, too.  I mean, come on already. What’s not to love? I bet you want her for your financial advisor now, too, right?


Salt Spring Island, BC

Jas has managed my savings for some time now, and has become a friend as well as a trusted advisor.  We keep in touch regularly and, as market conditions change, she calls to suggest options for me.  I’ve had several other financial advisors over the years, but none was as “hands-on” as Jas. I highly recommend her services.



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